domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010


Encontré aquí esa cita que me gustó mucho:

" We place kids in schools together with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other kids typically from similar economic and cultural backgrounds. We group them all within a year or so of one another in age. We equip them with similar gadgets, expose them to the same TV shows, lessons, and sports. We ask them all to take almost the exact same courses and do the exact same work and be graded relative to one another. We give them only a handful of ways in which they can meaningfully demonstrate their competencies. And then we’re surprised they have some difficulty establishing a sense of their own individuality. —"

Tomada del libro , Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old

Qué opinan?

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Jann dijo...

la individualidad y la creatividad, son formas de expresion validas que se castran en la escuela, o si no se castran tampoco se estimulan

Silvia dijo...

Que pienso que muy bien dicho y escrito! Por eso los adolescentes en casa pasan un poco mas calmados por esta etapa en muchos hogares.